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((Hippo)) at Home Collection

A NEW collection of virtual homegoods from furniture to bathroom decor, available now!


((HIppo)) loves the tropics, but even we are getting into that cold, wintery, holiday spirit!


We have expanded and Yaya and Syd have moved into a new home! Bigger, better, and more fun!


The Hammy is IN! Accessories, costumes, interactive items, and more! On sale now inworld and on the Marketplace.

What is ((Hippo))?

((Hippo)) is an online and virtual shop located in the virtual world of Second Life and has been bringing unique and quality duds to Tinies since 2007. ((Hippo)) always makes a splash with a fresh and fashion forward look for the Tinies and has become a recognized and dependable brand and store.

In October 2011 ((Hippo)) started a remodeling and evolution project offering new items for Tinies and BIGGIES (human avatars). With our new website designed and sponsored by Enso Blue we are moving forward with new ideas, concepts, and soon a real life store where you can purchase some of the Second Life items for your real self and/or home!

Recent News Postings

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((Hippo)) at POP-UP GACHA!

Blog Story - CHRISTMAS!

POP-UP GACHA BEGINS! NEW Releases: featuring Beetlebones Hamster hat and scarf sets and Tiny and BIGGIE Holiday Rave sets!

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Posted: Dec 7, 2012 Category:News and UpdatesSecond LifeHolidaysNew Products

NEW RELEASE: Bouncey Balls and Duds!

Blog Story - Trick-or-Treats 2011

The HAMSTERS! OH NOES! NEW Releases, lots of new duds for the Beetlebones Hammy avatars AND we have new items for BIGGIES as well!

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Posted: Nov 15, 2012 Category:New Products


Blog Story - Trick-or-Treats 2011

Gacha machines have been placed at ((Hippo)) stores full of fun items, including Shutter Stlye Sunglasses, BIG and Trendy Sunglasses and FABULOUS Handheld Paper Lanterns! Gacha is a fun way to get collectible items at a low price. The item payout is random!

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Posted: Oct 17, 2012 Category:Totally TiniesSecond LifeNew Products

((Hippo)) NEW RELEASE! Geisha Kimonos!

Blog Story - Trick-or-Treats 2011

The store is taking shape and A LOT of new and wonderful things are in ((Hippo))'s future. Saying that, did someone say KIMONOS? Yes, back by popular demand and restyled for 2012 we have launched our NEW line of kimonos starting with authentic and detailed Geisha.

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Posted: Oct 16, 2012 Category:New ProductsSecond LifeTotally Tinies

Tutorial - Sculptypaint (Top Hat: Part 1, Creating Simple Shapes)

Blog Story - ON THE WEB

Scuptypaint Tutorial #2: Learning the Basics (Building a Usuable Hat Shape)

This is a three part tutorial taking you from creating simple forms to more advanced details. We'll be creating a top hat in this tutorial series, which has three parts.

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Posted: Oct 14, 2012 Category:Tutorials, SculptypaintTutorials


Blog Story - Trick-or-Treats 2011

HEY ALL! Yaya and Syd are back! We are currently updating our website AND our stores online and will be announcing soon the new REAL world of ((Hippo)), which will feature fun and Tiny inspired duds that you can wear IRL (in real life)! We have NEW RELEASES and are busy updating our store in Second Life!

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Posted: Oct 12, 2012 Category:Totally TiniesNews and UpdatesSecond LifeHolidaysNew Products

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